1. Spectral Data Acquisition & Processing

SerOptix selects disease targets that are prevalent or represent potentially large market opportunities, currently lack adequate diagnostic and therapeutic modalities, and are attractive for prospective partner development initiatives. Because SerOptix' portfolio of spectral tools is especially well suited for the analysis of biological fluids, primary spectral data accumulation focuses on analysis of blood plasma, and where considered relevant, urine and cerebral spinal fluid by a broad matrix of preparative methods and analytical techniques. SerOptix initially evaluates the intrinsic fluorescence spectra (and other spectral properties) of samples prepared by several carefully defined methods as an initial assessment of the presence of novel or discriminatory spectral signals (Standard Spectral Survey). This dataset constitutes the initial data entry for any sample into the core SMI database and provides the foundation for rapid comparison with future samples. Based on the results of the Standard Spectral Survey phase, SerOptix will utilize methods with enhanced selectivity and spectral resolution in a subsequent Advanced Spectral Profile phase. Advanced Spectral Profiling analyzes selectively tuned spectral parameters and generates additional datasets for incorporation into the broader SMI data portfolio.

The results of Advanced Spectral Profiling are enhance by our proprietary instrumentation, called HR-INFLIT (High Resolution Intrinsic Fluorescence Information Technology) that has been designed to obtain high precision fluorescent spectra at selected high-information content wavelengths. These devices and our complementary XL-INFLIT technology are described in greater detail elsewhere in this document.


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