SerOptix Inc. is a biotechnology company located in Woburn, Massachusetts engaged in the exploitation of variations of natural fluorescence to identify novel disease-specific molecular targets.

Despite the great advances in medical science during the past several decades, it is recognized that further improvement in the diagnosis and treatment of disease is still possible and needed. Future break-through therapeutic products are likely to be directed to an entirely new set of biological targets that will be derived from advanced research in human genomics and proteomics, and the emerging field of 'chemical genomics'. As powerful strategy for identifying novel chemical and protein variants in disease, SerOptix' proprietary technology is well positioned to produce substantial contributions to this search for new biological targets.

SerOptix has established a proprietary technology for molecular target identification that identifies unique disease signatures based on the intrinsic fluorescence properties of disease-related molecules. Our platform technology: Spectra-Molecular Informatics or 'SMI,' combines advanced spectroscopy, biochemistry and informatics technologies to obtain, compile and interpret complex molecular signatures. The Company has successfully applied this technology to the characterization of the intrinsic fluorescence of molecules derived from human plasma, and has identified spectra-molecular signatures of potential importance for new diagnostic product development and for the identification of disease-specific molecular targets for both diagnostic or pharmaceutical development.

SerOptix is advancing its system development efforts to establish a comprehensive molecular profiling system for the parallel application to multiple disease targets in important medical markets, as well as for high-value quality assurance opportunities and other industrial applications. The Company plans to generate revenues through the establishment of contracts to define molecular targets for drug discovery and diagnostic products based on its proprietary SMI technology. The Company is refining an intrinsic fluorescence-based assay for the detection of hepatitis C viral (HCV) infection in blood, which has confirmed the feasibility of SerOptix' strategy, and represents an early product candidate of potential interest to major pharmaceutical partners. SerOptix' first Molecular Targets are also correlated with hepatitis C infection, and demonstrate the power of the SMI approach for the systematic identification of new targets. The Company is continuing to build its core technology to further enhance the Spectra-Molecular-Informatics Platform and effectively apply fluorescence-based molecular profiling to drug discovery and diagnostic product development.

The Company plans to execute the following strategy:

  • Further enhance its intrinsic fluorescence-based Spectra-Molecular Informatics (SMI) platform to permit its efficient application and creation of a comprehensive normal database.

  • Apply SMI to the identification of molecular markers for multiple disease candidates, including specific degenerative & metabolic diseases and cancers.

  • Establish a portfolio of partner funded R&D programs and molecular targets to and generate early project revenues.

  • Further increase shareholder value by creating a portfolio of higher value proprietary molecular targets for sale, out-licensing or formation of joint ventures.

  • Complement revenues derived through the Company's target discovery strategy with subscription-based revenue built on the value of its proprietary databases.

  • Expand the research and development capacity of the Company to enhance SerOptix' ability to identify and acquire high value complementary technologies, and sustain productive academic and business partnerships to maintain a growing asset and product base.
  • Continue to aggressively build an intellectual property portfolio that protects the Company's innovations. The Company currently holds two issued U.S. Patents as well as the rights to several additional U.S. applications covering specific methodologies and fundamental concepts of SMI that are pending. Specific patents covering specific disease-related molecules and procedures identified through SMI will be filed as the discrete elements of intellectual property suitable for sale or licensing.

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