5. Assays for Drug Discovery, Therapeutic Product Development and Diagnostic Applications

SerOptix expects the full execution of Spectra-Molecular profiling for a given disease to provide one or more high value molecular targets for drug discovery or diagnostic assay development. While the out-licensing of these targets to major corporate partners in many cases will represent a preferred strategy for the realization of program revenues, it is likely that certain targets will be appropriate for internal product development efforts. Based on the specific characteristics of the target molecules and their prospective clinical applications, it is anticipated that certain molecules will be selected for further proprietary analysis employing the unique combination of scientific and engineering skills present at SerOptix.

In many cases, physiological conditions will prevent the detection of the target molecule based solely on intrinsic fluorescence in simple preparations. For applications where SerOptix management considers the implementation of a product development program to be warranted, SerOptix scientists will develop specific secondary assays to permit quantitative measurement of the subject molecule. These secondary assays will often be derived from optimized validation assays, and will employ alternative fluorogenic signaling molecules linked to a second entity that will specifically interact with the target molecule. This approach will lead to a family of specific and highly sensitive test procedures that will be useful for drug discovery research and diagnostic assay development for sale or out-licensing.


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