3. Molecular Signature Profiling, Identification of Molecules Carrying Disease-Specific Spectral Properties

Based on results of the Standard Spectral Survey and Advanced Spectral Profile, the preparative and analytical conditions are defined for molecular identification. Standard preparation and spectral parameters will also be utilized to generate standardized chromatographic patterns, and 'Molecular Signature Profiles' for incorporation into the core SMI database for current and future comparative analysis.

When discriminatory molecular identification is initiated, the wavelength providing the most significant discriminatory signal is selected for molecular detection coupled to chromatographic methods. Discriminatory signals established with HR-INFLIT technology provide the foundation for utilization of the corresponding XL-INFLIT technology for chromatographic analyses. SerOptix expects the spectral patterns of the molecules eluted from molecular separation systems to reiterate the discrimination of the aggregate preparations. The confirmation of this effect by comparison of multiple diseased and control samples provides significant scientific validation of the molecular marker of the discriminatory signals.

Molecular Signature Profiling provides a standardized system for identifying small molecular differences that may be undetectable in the large background of the complex extracts, and also offers a standardized comparator base for establishing disease-specific patterns with future samples, and annotation with specific molecular identifications.
Figure 2. Identification of disease-specific variations in fluorescent molecular profiles between normal and HCV-infected plasma samples. Sample type, preparation and analytical conditions were selected based on the results of spectral profiling of samples extracted by multiple procedures. Samples were analyzed by hydrophilic interaction high performance liquid chromatography and solvent gradient elution.

The linkage of molecular indicators with diseases will dramatically increase the value of the core Spectra-Molecular database and significantly enhance its subscription value to diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies.


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