Seroptix's R&D program focuses on the parallel application of its platform Spectra-Molecular Informatics (SMI) technology and the development of novel laser-based fluorescence detection systems (INFLIT).

The INFLIT technologies permit the precise acquisition of subtle fluorescence signals from biological fluids, which when compiled represent the fundemental data sets for SMI processing and analysis. SMI is a strategy that simultaneously evaluates multiple parallel data sets to identify the pivotal spectral elements that discriminate between normal and diseased tissues. The subsequent characterization of the molecules carrying the discriminating spectral information provides the basis of our future product candidates and intellectual property.

The INFLIT systems represent important tools for the conduct of Seroptix' proprietary and sponsored research programs, as well as potential product candidates derived from our SMI program. These sytems are based on the direct detection of intrinsic fluorescence signals at specific stimulatory wavelengths of light that permit the surveilance of fluoresence in the presence and absence of proteins with especially high sensitivity.

Together these R&D programs provide Seroptix with near term product opportunities and a sustainable stream of internally-generated intellectual property and product candidates.

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