With increasing data acquisition, SerOptix' SMI information portfolio will progressively gain value as a source of novel spectral correlates with disease processes. With increasing database content and the implementation of new analytical strategies, a sophisticated understanding of the relationship between specific spectral signals and molecular levels will be developed that will facilitate subsequent molecular target discovery programs and permit efficient database mining for inter-relations between disparate diseases, demographic parameters and disease progression trends. When further supplemented with serial datasets obtained from normal patients (some of whom will be in the early -subclinical- stages of disease progression), a multidimensional comprehensive information-base will emerge that possesses a complex mixture of spectral, molecular and disease-related information that will be beyond the resources of SerOptix to fully exploit. By this time, the scientific value of spectra-molecular informatics will likely be widely appreciated and multiple limited or non-exclusive licenses to mine the SMI database for information of particular interest to a subscriber will hold significant financial value for SerOptix. By analogy to other companies offering subscription access to proprietary databases, it is likely that these 'subscriptions' would evolve as partnerships where the database owner manages the database exploration on behalf of the sponsor. These relationships would include the sponsored acquisition of specific datasets on behalf of a sponsor that could be introduced into an exclusive domain of the database where they could further support SerOptix' proprietary research efforts but would not be accessible to competing subscribers. As the database proprietor, SerOptix will retain a full view of the total information system, and hold an advantageous position to claim intellectual property rights for the broadest portfolio of disease-related spectra-molecular determinants before openning the data/information-base for subscription. SerOptix believes that the continuing expansion of the database will support client interest in subscription access, and generate a sustainable revenue stream and new opportunities for future royalty income.


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