SerOptix Inc is a research and development-based biotechnology company located in Woburn, Massachusetts. Biotechnology in the post-genomic era has seen the refocusing of informatics technology onto molecular discovery and molecular signature analysis of human disease. The pharmaceutical industry has already recognized the value of molecular target identification as evidenced by recent multi hundred million dollar deals in this sector. SerOptix has established proprietary technologies and systems for molecular target discovery through identification of unique disease signatures based on the intrinsic fluorescence properties of disease-related molecules. Although disease-specific fluorescent signatures can be partly or completely obscured by molecules common to all individuals, preclinical studies at SerOptix have demonstrated methods designed to fractionate and selectively measure "fluorophore" populations. Our platform technology "Spectra-Molecular Informatics" or 'SMI,' encompasses these advances through a combination of spectroscopy, biochemistry and informatics. The Company has successfully exploited this technology to demonstrate the applicability of the intrinsic fluorescence spectra-molecular signatures for diagnostics and for the identification of disease-specific molecular targets.

SerOptix is building on this initial development to integrate its novel molecular profiling tools, the INFLIT systems with its comprehensive SMI platform. The combined technology will be focused on a broad set of proprietary and pharmaceutical industry-sponsored programs for molecular target identification for drug discovery and diagnostic development efforts. The Company is continuing to build its technology portfolio to further enhance the power of its Spectra-Molecular-Informatics Platform to efficiently extract high value knowledge from fluorescence-based molecular profiling, and support novel drug discovery and diagnostics development.

The Company foresees near term revenue from partner sponsored studies, and the licensing of early stage SMI results. SerOptix is raising capital to rapidly build business opportunities based on this technology. Our business model, projects profitability within a short time frame, and sustainable growth in subsequent years from multiple R&D partnerships and the later stage outlicensing of proprietary programs.

The Company plans to execute the following strategy:

  • Integrate novel INFLIT instrumentation and INFLIT systems with the core SMI platform and establish intellectual property protection for this new technology.
  • Exploit these technologies for revenue, obtained through marketing partnerships with instrument and systems providers to meet their critical client needs in functional genomics, labile product analysis and other biotechnology and product assurance applications.
  • Utilize this foundation to engineer an enhanced and comprehensive SMI platform based on intrinsic fluorescence and complete the development and establishment of a proprietary normal database of Spectra-Molecular signatures and complement the Company's discovery paradigms with subscription-based revenue built on the value of its proprietary databases
  • Direct the power of SMI and its database to the identification of disease candidates, including specific degenerative & metabolic diseases and cancers in order to define disease-specific molecular targets for licensing and co-development with corporate partners.
  • Develop selected SMI applications to advance high value drug discovery and diagnostic projects funded by industry partners. Receive with enhanced revenues based on client validation and leverage successful partnerships to increase future project revenues.
  • Expand the research and development capacity of the Company and to enhance SerOptix' ability to participate in government sponsored R&D initiatives by establishing academic partnerships through SerOptix-sponsored SMI research programs.
  • Continue to aggressively build an intellectual property portfolio that protects the Company's innovations. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has already issued the company two patents and additional U.S. applications covering specific methodologies and applications of the SMI Platform are being pursued.

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