The potential for Seroptix's Spectra-Molecular Informatics platform goes far beyond its current application for the identification of molecular markers of infectious disease. The Company believes that the SMI approach can be effectively applied to any disease, and based on the initial success of our early studies with HCV, we plan to aggressively expand the application of SMI to a number conditions where additional diagnostic markers and therapeutic targets would have particular clinical value.

Medical applications will include the parallel identification of new markers for several cancer types, neurological diseases, heart disease, and other selected conditions.

Similarly, the direct detection and analysis of intrinsic fluorescence, as performed by the Seroptix INFLIT systems, has important applications beyond disease marker identification. The company intends to evaluate its technologies as rapid assays for the direct detection of diseases. A specific optimized device could be designed to magnify and rapidly assess the subtle signatures associated with a specific disease that are determined by the SMI approach.

In addition to its medical applications, these powerful technologies can be useful in other industries such as veterinary science, food and beverage quality control, chemical contaminant analysis, and the characterization and detection of biological and chemical weapons, which the company intends to investigate as alternative product opportunities.

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