SerOptix's team of scientists and physicians has created the Infectious Disease-Laser Based System( ID-LBS ). This compact machine combines recent advances in optical physics and spectrofluorometric analysis to identify infectious disease in blood samples using microlasers. The ID-LBS has the potential to change the way the nation's blood supply is tested. The ID-LBS Analyzer will redefine blood screening. The system's laser accuracy analyzes blood specimens in one minute as opposed to current procedures that take days. Blood screening centers, physician labs and individual patients will have the answers they need immediately.

00:01 Collected blood specimens pumped into the ID-LBS Analyzer.

00:10 A microlaser illuminates the blood.

00:10 The resulting fluorescence is aquired by the spectrometer and imaged on the cooled CCD camera.

00:30 The recorded spectrum is stored in the computer after each sample is scanned, up to a maximum of 80 samples per run. (note: The first four steps are based on a per sample time. The next steps are dependent on the number of samples run. This is an estimate of time based on an average per sample of 80 samples.)

00:33 SerOptix's patent pending algorithms and software analyze the spectrum (i.e., measures intensity vs. wavelength). Unlike other existing technology platforms, ID-LBS detects biochemical changes in the blood rather than a direct assay of the virus.

00:54 The resulting information, in chart format, identifies the blood as diseased or healthy. No human analysis of the charted information is needed, since the computer generates a report documenting the specimen ID number along with a positive or negative reading.


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