Seroptix has created a powerful disease analysis system called Spectra-Molecular Informatics, or SMI, that combines spectroscopy, biochemistry, and informatics, to analyze differences in fluorescence spectra and molecular profiles between diseased and normal samples. The Company exploits these disease-specific fluorescence differences to identify new molecular targets for pharmaceutical drug-discovery efforts and diagnostic assay development.

SerOptix's SMI strategy systematically acquires and analyzes disease-specific natural fluorescence signals (intrinsic fluorescence) and fluorescent molecular profiles employing advanced optical, separations and computational technology. To maximize the efficiency of the data acquisition and to establish databases that cannot be obtained with existing commercial equipment, the company has developed proprietary INFLIT (Intrinsic Fluorescence Information Technology) instrumentation, which produces high quality spectral information in extracted samples and during analysis by molecular separation methods. Applying these and complementary technologies, the SMI system offers a rapid and efficient strategy to identify new disease-related molecular targets for diagnostic product development and therapeutic drug discovery efforts.

Based on the physical properties surveyed by the Seroptix approach, SMI is directed to an entirely different set of disease-related molecular targets than will be identified by genomic or proteomic methods, thus offering a novel and valuable complementary target-identification strategy. The company is now poised to aggressively expand the application of this technology to multiple diseases where new molecular targets are especially needed, and is establishing parallel corporate-sponsored and proprietary programs to maximize the productivity of this system.

The identification of a disease-specific spectral signal or molecular target represents valuable intellectual property that the company may sell, license or co-develop for selected applications. The company intends to build a balanced portfolio of funded and proprietary research efforts that support the validation of our platform technology and sustained corporate growth through option fees, milestone payments and royalty streams derived from products based on SerOptix discoveries.

Seroptix is an emerging research and development-based, biotechnology company located in Woburn, Massachusetts. The Company is currently expanding its capital base to enable the aggressive application of its technology, and welcomes contact from prospective collaborators.

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